Our charcoal girl alexi

Our charcoal girl alexi


Sunstorm Alexi  of leopardsview

Alexi is our first Brown Charcoal Bengal  Girl who we had from Alison from Sunstorm Bengals in Ireland, Dam is a Canadian Import Spotsgold Midnight  Shadows a lovely charcoal, Sire is Pocketleopards Chocalate Heaven a Solid Mink

Alexi has an amazing coat which shines like gloss, she has a great profile lovely puffy whisker pads,nice short thick tail, we are expecting some nice kittens from her in 2014

Pocketleopards chocolate heaven sire of alexi

Sire of alexi

Sire of alexi

Spotsofgold midnight shadow queen of alexi

Spotsofgold midnight shadows

Spotsofgold midnight shadows

Pocket leopards art nouveau (silver charcoal)

Rw tgc Junglebook Native Son (silver seal mink)

Jungle book Made in USA Seal sepia

Granite bengals ice dancer

Pocket leopards Wildstyle (brown rosetted)

Heartfelt fatal attraction (brown spotted)

Hunters ridge Sylvanael (brown rosetted)

Heartfelt I love Rose (brown Rosetted)

Spotsoofgold midnight shadow (charcoal)

New leaf bodacious Bo jangles (brown spotted)

Callisto Bushca la Rue (brown rosetted)

Lauren rapt in gold (brown rosetted )

Lykaleopard twilight (charcoal)

Rw tgc jungle book native son (silver seal mink )

Pocket leopards mako (brown rosetted )